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Revival is a player-driven sandbox fantasy MMORPG. Player agency, world persistence, and absolutely zero compromises are the cornerstones for a living, persistent, dark fantasy role-playing world. It is under development by IllFonic LLC. This wikia is a collaborative resource for Revival and all contributors are welcome to join our community. This wikia is currently available for Adoption.


Revival’s content is unprecedented in the field of online gaming. Much like other Massively Multiplayer Online games, Revival will facilitate the simultaneous interaction of thousands of players as they explore a wonderous fantasy world, rife with adventure. Unlike these others, however, the player’s course through the lands of Revival is not preordained, and the adventures they will experience are unpredictable and unique. Read More...

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Revival CRYENGINE Screenshots zum Sandbox MMORPG02:04

Revival CRYENGINE Screenshots zum Sandbox MMORPG

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